Real Estate & Capital Investments

Rovira Capital is a private equity real estate investment group and affiliate of Rovira Realty. Its investment activities focus on identifying, acquiring, and managing income producing rental properties with a focus on cash flow. Our disciplined approach to property management, coupled with a thorough financial analysis, offers an opportunity to unlock and maximize cash flows from underperforming properties and take full advantage of the wealth building power of real estate investing.

Our portfolio includes residential rental properties in S. Florida, Indiana, and Kansas City, MO. We pride ourselves in identifying opportunities for cash flow investing in untapped markets throughout the United States. We also invest heavily in incoming producing, short term vacation rentals in the Bahamas. 

South Florida Real Estate

Investing and managing properties in our own backyard.
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Investing in the Midwest

Long term single family rentals in the Midwest are a speciality of ours, providing steady, consistent cash flow.
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