Project Info

Type Pre-development, Equity Position
Return 8% Annualized Return

Project Description

We engaged in a dynamic pre-development venture in the commercial/medical office sector, positioning ourselves as limited partners in a project destined to evolve into a significant medical office building. Initially conceived to offer complementary medical services in proximity to South Miami Hospital, our journey unfolded through a series of negotiations and strategic maneuvers.

Despite rigorous efforts by the developers, a pivotal challenge emerged as they struggled to secure a tenant large enough to occupy the required percentage of the property, a prerequisite for advancing with the development. Undeterred, our team demonstrated resilience and adaptability in navigating these complexities.

Recognizing the evolving landscape, we proactively secured a groundbreaking alternative—a compelling offer to sell the property to Baptist Hospital. This strategic pivot not only safeguarded our investment but also ensured a prudent financial outcome for all stakeholders involved. The negotiated deal presented an 8% annualized return after just one year of holding the property, solidifying the success of our investment strategy.

As astute participants in this real estate narrative, we have effectively transformed challenges into opportunities, exemplifying our commitment to delivering value and maximizing returns. Our ability to pivot strategically in the face of changing circumstances underscores our dedication to prudent and dynamic investment practices.

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